Growing the Internet

Internet Video Streaming Resource Guide

As an avid  user of technology I have been working on a  Internet Video Streaming Guide starting with the use of LIVESTREAM as a tool to help chapters  learn more about the technology and help them engage their membership with  Internet Video Streaming technology.  

As I started to collate the various types of  streaming technologies  the first action was to email a SURVEY MONKEY survey to the delegates and gauge the user uptake of the technologies.  

The survey had a low participation rate but it did reveal that  Internet StreamingTechnology isn’t the most popular modality to help engage the membership due to cost, expertise and bandwidth.  Meanwhle in the last couple of months  ISOC  launched the regional WEBEX  accounts  which has inspired me to expand the  manual beyond  Internet Streaming to include Webinar methodologies as well as  SKYPE and GOOGLE HANGOUT

The manual will be a Ebook format to viewable on mobile or computer. Not recommended for printing due to the resolution of the pictures and screen captures.    

Thanks for the  interest and thanks to ISOC’s Community Grants Program for the financial support