Deploy360 IETF

Meet The Deploy360 Team At IETF 88 In Vancouver This Week

IETF LogoThe 88th meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) takes place this week in Vancouver, BC, and Megan Kruse and myself (Dan York) will be there participating in Working Group sessions, recording some video interviews, helping with the live video stream of the IETF 88 Technical Plenary and the ISOC@IETF panel on IPv6 and just generally meeting with people about how we accelerate the deployment of IPv6, DNSSEC and routing technologies!

If you’d like to meet with us at IETF 88, the best bet is to probably send an email to:

as that gets to both of us and the rest of the team.  As to where you can find us at IETF 88, you can expect to find Megan and I in most of the sessions related to IPv6, DNSSEC or routing resiliency/security.  Here are some of the prime ones where one or both of us will be:

You can also expect us to be in other sessions where IPv6 or DNS or routing security are mentioned.  We’re around and we’d definitely be interested in meeting with people while here.  Please do drop us an email message or find us in person.