A Trio Of IPv6 Posts From Mark Townsley Worth Reading

Mark TownsleyInterested in understanding more about what IPv6 is all about?  What to know the benefits of “IPv6-centric” networks?

Mark Townsley is a Cisco Fellow and someone very well-known to many of us in the IPv6 community through his writing, videos, and strong advocacy for making the move to IPv6.  Recently he’s been writing on Cisco’s “Internet of Everything” blog and three of his posts are well worth a read.

In his first post, “Demystifying IPv6“, Mark goes into the basics of why we need to care about IPv6, why it is important for what Cisco terms the “Internet of Everything” (that incorporates the regular Internet and also what many of us call the “Internet of Things”).  He also explains what happened to “IPv5”. 🙂

Next, in “Moving to IPv6: Rebuilding the Heart of the Internet Without Missing a Beat“, Mark looks at some of the challenges of switching to a new underlying networking protocol and discusses a few of the transition technologies.

Finally, in his latest post, “IPv6-Centric Networking: Innovation Without Constraints“, Mark looks at the kind of innovation that is happening within mobile networks, homes, enterprise networks and data centers when you don’t have to worry about running out of address space.

All in all a great set of contributions to the ongoing discussions about IPv6 deployment!

Now, how can we help you get your network moved over to IPv6?