Dell: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love IPv6

dell-3Dell gets my vote for best IPv6-related blog post title in a while with “How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love IPv6“. And yes, I know it’s a play on Dr. Strangelove and yes, I also realize that the post is ultimately an ad for Dell’s SonicWALL routers (which, I also admit, I didn’t realize Dell had acquired back in 2012).  Still, it’s great to see a company like Dell writing about IPv6 and author Wilson Lee is right on target with his final paragraph:

So how did I learn to stop worrying learn to love IPv6? It wasn’t to stick my head in the sand or to sweep the inevitable migration under the rug.  Rather, as a Dell SonicWALL technologist, it was to make sure that our customers establish the best practices in preparing for IPv6 by deploying security policies on their firewalls, secure remote access appliances, and email security appliances that are tuned for IPv6.  And as consumers of technology, it’s all of our jobs to insist that companies design technology with built-in IPv6 security measures. The Internet of Everything promises to revolutionize our lives; let’s work together to ensure a secure Internet, stop worrying, and learn to love IPv6. 

Indeed!  All of us need to do what we can to make the move to IPv6!  Have you viewed our IPv6 resources?  Looked at our IPv6 basics page?  How can we help you make the move?  Please let us know!