Follow Deploy360 On SoundCloud To Hear Our Audio Updates And Event Recordings

soundcloudAre you following Deploy360 on SoundCloud?  We’re posting there occasional audio updates about our activities as well as the audio recordings from our ION conferences and other events we attend.  You can find our profile there at:

Our SoundCloud account is enable for podcasting and so there is also an RSS feed to which you can subscribe using whatever podcast client you prefer.

You can see an example of the types of event recordings we’re doing in our ION Krakow “set” on SoundCloud.  The cool thing is that you can start the set playing and basically listen through the entire ION Krakow event.  It’s a great way to listen to what you missed if you weren’t able to attend or listen live.

In the new year I plan to get the audio recordings up there for ION Toronto as well as some of the recent ICANN DNSSEC Workshops.  Plus, we’ll continue to provide audio updates from time to time to let people know what is going on with our activities within the Deploy360 Programme.

We’d love to have you follow us there and comment on and share our audio recordings.  While you’re there on SoundCloud, perhaps you might also be interested in following the Internet Society SoundCloud account where we share some of the other audio content created at various Internet Society events.

The great thing about SoundCloud is it makes it extremely easy to create, upload and find audio recordings.  The only down side from our perspective is that it is not yet available over IPv6. 🙁   If anyone knows of a similar service for audio hosting and sharing that does work over IPv6, we’d love to hear about it.  We haven’t found one yet.