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Free Ebook: IPv6 for IPv4 Experts (in English and Russian)

IPv6 for IPv4 Experts bookLooking for some reading over the holiday break? Want to learn more about IPv6 and how you can be a part of the ongoing transition of the Internet?

If so, Yar Tikhiy has written a free ebook, “IPv6 for IPv4 Experts” that is available from:

The book is available in English in two forms of PDF and in Russian in PDF, HTML and EPUB.

I’ve not had a chance to thoroughly review the document yet, but on an initial glance through it looks to be quite an excellent resource for people looking to learn more about IPv6. ¬†We’ve added it to our list of IPv6 resources and encourage you to check it out.

At a very high level, the overall structure of the book is:


1. Defining the Problem

2. IPv6 Address

3. IPv6 Packet

4. IPv6 in the Protocol Stack

5. Neighbor Discovery Protocol

6. Advanced IPv6



If you look at one of the PDF files, you can see from the table of contents that there is a good amount of detail included in the ebook.

It’s great to see this kind of content being made available and we thank Yar Tikhiy for writing this!