Internet Governance

My Postcard

A couple of days ago, I received a postcard in my mailbox.

Yes, you guessed right – my post office box. This postcard brought back lots of memories about the IGF in Bali, Indonesia. Most importantly, it was a reminder of the promise I made to myself and to other participants in my discussion group during the ISOC Chapters workshop. I promised to create awareness in my community. First, I was really impressed that the organizers of the workshop had taken their time to mail these postcards to all participants but then I remembered that the Internet Society strives to make the world a better place by connecting the world, working with others and advocating for equal access to the Internet.

When we were handed postcards and asked to write the one thing that we were going to do after the IGF, I wrote ‘CREATE AWARENESS’. In a few minutes, my colleagues helped me think of ideas of how this could be achieved. The ideas were amazing and not difficult to achieve. So, after that reminder, I am going to do what I promised – to let people in my community know about the Internet and how it can be used for development.