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3 Sessions About Securing BGP At IETF89 Next Week

BGPNext week at IETF 89 in London there will be a good bit of discussion around the security and resilience of the Internet’s routing infrastructure.  Given our interest in securing BGP, members of our team will be attending the SIDR, GROW and IDR Working Groups next week and engaging in other routing discussions as well.

My colleague Andrei Robachevsky wrote about routing as part of the IETF 89 “Rough Guide” today and explained some of the activities that will be happening during the week.  I’d encourage you to read his post as he goes into some detail about the different drafts that are being considered by the three working groups.

Relevant Working Groups

SIDR (Secure Inter-Domain Routing)
Tuesday, March 4, 0900-1130 UTC, Balmoral Room
WG Agenda:

GROW (Global Routing Operations)
Tuesday, March 4, 1300-1400 UTC, Blenheim Room
WG Agenda: (not yet available)

IDR (Inter-Domain Routing Working Group)
Thursday, March 6, 1300-1500 UTC, Blenheim Room
WG Agenda:

Remote Participation

You don’t have to be in London to participate in the meetings of IETF 89. You can also:

  • Listen to live audio streams.
  • Participate in Jabber chat rooms to ask questions.
  • Download the slides planned for each session.
  • Listen and watch “Meetecho” conferencing sessions that provide an integrated view of slides, audio, chat and video.

Information about how to participate can be found on the IETF 89 Remote Participation page.  Keep in mind that times for London are in UTC.