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Are There More (or Newer) DNSSEC / DANE Application Developer Libraries We Should Add To Our List?

dnssecWhat developer libraries / modules are you using to add DNSSEC or DANE support to your applications?  For some time now we’ve maintained a list of DNSSEC developer libraries at:

but I noticed that the list is now two years old!  While many of the libraries listed on the “common” ones that many developers use, I have to think that there have also been some newer libraries in the time since, perhaps in some other languages.  Before I spent time looking around developer sites and mailing lists, I thought I would ask you all who visit this site – do you know of any libraries we aren’t listing?

If you are aware of any additional libraries that we should add to the list, we would love to hear about them, either as comments to this blog post, as comments on the social networks where this post will appear, or via email or our feedback form.

Your help will be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!