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CircleID: Thinking Strategically About the Benefits of IPv6

Mukom Akong TamonI love it when my Monday morning begins by seeing posts like this one:  Thinking Strategically About The Benefits of IPv6 by Mukom Akong Tamon.   Please go over there and read that piece.  He’s absolutely right that we need to be thinking about IPv6 beyond simply the fact that IPv4 addresses are on their way to being exhausted.  I love his conclusion (my emphasis added):

One of these types of organisation will lead the provision of devices, software and services for tomorrow’s Internet, the other type will lose relevance and then will play catch up. Just remember this: The day you see concrete data to show the benefits of IPv6, it means you are already late to the game, that data will be coming from an early mover who is already making a ‘killing’ with IPv6.

Also, check out this great comment on the post (over on Mukom Tamon’s own site) that begins with:

It is in fact, the mobile arena that will deploy IPv6, we as a small company have already migrated to IPv6 and see huge benefits…

Great to see people relaying that they are already seeing the benefits of making the move to IPv6!  (And yes, I think I may try to contact them to find out more about their situation.)

What are you waiting for?  Are you going to be a leader in your field and seize any opportunities that are made possible with IPv6?  Or are you going to wait until the last possible moment?