Google IPv6 Traffic Passes 3% – Deployment Rate Accelerates

The Google IPv6 traffic graph (above) is one of the most watched barometers of global IPv6 deployment. This past weekend it crossed another round number – 3%. While 3% might not seem like a large percentage, it’s another step along the path to IPv6 becoming the Internet Protocol used in the Internet.

It’s worth observing that we just crossed the 2% threshold on September 21, 2013. The IPv6 deployment rate is accelerating, since before that it had been almost a year since the measure crossed 1% (on Oct 27, 2012).

What is driving this increase in IPv6 traffic? More operators in more countries are deploying IPv6 and increasing the size of their subscriber base that use the technology. You can see the list of networks that have measurable IPv6 deployments in the World IPv6 Launch. You can also look at the Google country graph of Europe to see that there are substantial deployments in Switzerland, Belgium, Romania, Germany, and France, for example. The IPv6 traffic from Belgium alone has almost doubled in the last month.

We predicted last month that global IPv6 traffic would exceed 10% this year. That’s an aggressive prediction, but from what we see in the measurements and what operators tell us about their deployment plans, it’s definitely within reach.

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