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Follow Along With Us at IETF 89 This Week!

It’s here! The whole Internet Society technology team is in London this week, along with about a thousand other Internet engineers, to discuss the latest issues in Internet protocol engineering at IETF 89. There’s a lot going on this week, and we’d love to talk with you about the work we’re doing and how we can help you. In the last ten days or so, we’ve published six “Rough Guide to IETF 89” posts including an overview and five posts related to our major topics:

Coming up this week, we’ll be participating in *tons* of working groups and BoFs related to our topics of interest. We’re also interested in the Technical Plenary tonight, focusing on payment systems and Bitcoin. It will be live-streamed at starting at 5:50PM UTC if you’re not here in London with us.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 4 March), we’re holding our traditional ISOC@IETF briefing panel to discuss the work of the IETF in the context of the Internet and the world at large. This time, during “Evolution of end-to-end: why the Internet is not like any other network” we’ll be doing a retrospective about the end-to-end principle of the Internet, and considering some predictions for its future relevance. The panel will be live-streamed at beginning at 11:45AM UTC. 

For a recap of IETF 88 in Vancouver, check out the latest edition of the IETF Journal. Note you can also subscribe to either the print or online version to receive future issues. We’re always interested in articles for upcoming issues, so if you’re following work at the London meeting and would be willing to provide an update, drop a line to

We’re onsite in London capturing as much of the action as possible. Be sure to follow us on follow us on Twitter in particular as there will be lots of updates, photos, and thoughts there. We’ll also post on this Internet Technology Matters blogFacebookGoogle+, and you can follow the blog’s RSS feed. 

We’d love to hear from you! What interests you the most at IETF 89?