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Presenting Global IPv6 Measurements This Week at World IPv6 Congress

This week I’m in Paris attending the World IPv6 Congress, along with some of my colleagues from our Deploy360 Programme. It’s the premier event in the IPv6 landscape, and each year engineers from around the world gather to discuss IPv6 deployments, techniques, and trends. I’m looking forward to getting an update on v6 deployments and learning more about what we can do at the Internet Society to encourage more global adoption.

This year I’m presenting on ongoing World IPv6 Launch measurements. Thanks to input from Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, and Akamai, we are able to provide monthly updates on IPv6 deployment at This week, I will be giving an update on this, appealing to operators to add their networks to the database to be measured and counted, and asking network operators to share their measurements thus providing a different perspective on IPv6 deployment. Here are the details:

Day 1 Agenda
Wednesday, 19 March
5:10PM CET (4:10PM UTC)

World IPv6 Launch Measurements

World IPv6 Launch in 2012 began a trajectory of increased IPv6 deployment in network operators around the globe.  As part of that activity, Google, Facebook, and Yahoo! measured the amount of IPv6 traffic arriving at their servers and the Internet Society aggregated these numbers and reported them as part of the World IPv6 Launch measurements activity. Summarizing these measurements.

Will you be there? I’d like to hear more about your deployment experience!