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Re-live the IETF 89 Panel on "Evolution of End-to-End!"

Were you at IETF 89 in London? Did you attend the Tuesday, 4 March lunch panel on “Evolution of end-to-end: why the Internet is not like any other network?” What did you think?

Moderated by Leslie Daigle (Internet Society) and featuring panelists Fred Baker, Harald Alvestrand, and Andrew Sullivan, the session featured lively discussion on how we got here and what the end-to-end principle means to today’s Internet – and it’s future. From the session abstract:

“In 2004, the IAB published RFC3724, “Future of End-to-End.” The document reviews the important aspects of “smart endpoints, dumb network,” and articulates some perspectives on how Internet engineering was evolving to address those key aspects. Ten years later, evolution has continued — and the Internet’s deployment and evolution are taking new directions in the face of growing awareness of the threat of pervasive monitoring of network traffic. How do we define the end-to-end principle today and is it still an important piece of ensuring a robust, reliable and trusted Internet in 2020?

Each of three panelists will present their predictions for the state of one of the three facets (network, endpoints, infrastructure/middle) in 2020, followed by questions and interactive discussion”

If you missed it, good news! You can see the archived video here on YouTube:

You can also view all the presenters’ slides here on SlideShare: