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ARIN Reaches Its Final IPv4 /8

ARIN /8Today, the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) – the Regional Internet Registry for most of North America and parts of the Caribbean – announced it “is down to its final /8 of available space in its inventory and has moved into Phase Four of its IPv4 Countdown Plan.”

That means, in essence, there’s a little more scrutiny when you go looking for additional IPv4 address space, and that “ARIN may experience situations where it can no longer fulfill qualifying IPv4 requests due to a lack of inventory of the desired block size.”

This doesn’t mean that ARIN is out of IPv4 addresses… but it’s getting really close! There will be no more new IPv4 addresses available in the US, Canada and many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands once this last /8 is gone.

To put that into perspective, one /8 of IPv4 address space is equivalent to about 65,000 /24s and ARIN has delegated an average of 92,000 /24s per year for the past three years. When you factor in that some of ARIN’s last IPv4 space is reserved, a /16 for critical infrastructure and a /10 to aid IPv6 deployment, the math indicates that ARIN could hand out its last free IPv4 addresses within the next 8 months … if not sooner.

So, if you haven’t started planning for IPv6, NOW IS THE TIME!

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