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Creating a Secure and Resilient Internet: Community Collaboration Required

“The Internet is open, interconnected and interdependent. It’s an ecosystem based on collaboration and shared responsibility.”

These are the opening remarks of our new infographic called “Collaboration for a resilient and secure Internet.” In it, we’ve tried to convey the idea that when it comes to Internet security and resilience, the traditional approach of just protecting our own assets is not good enough – the Internet demands a sense of collective stewardship and shared responsibility to be truly secure and truly resilient to attack.

When performing a risk assessment, do you also look at risks your network presents to the Internet ecosystem – so-called “outward” risks? How much do you care if your network passes traffic with spoofed IP addresses? How many of your DNS resolvers, NTP and SNMP servers are ready to answer queries from anyone in the world? Do you scrutinize routing announcements you are getting from your customers and peers?

There are several technologies and best practices available to mitigate these risks. Implementing them has costs, but through collective action we are creating a safer global network – a benefit that is hard to overestimate.

Please check out the infographic below and let us know what you think. What else can we do to encourage *every* network operator to deploy these technologies and best practices and help keep the Internet secure?