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Mat Ford at LACNIC21 – Webcast LIVE at 915AM CDT Tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning at 9:15AM Cancun time (2:15PM UTC), Mat Ford will present at LACNIC 21 on initial results from the Internet Society’s Routing Resilience Survey.

We launched the Routing Resilience Survey last November to collect incident data related to routing resilience from an operator’s point of view. This approach allows us not only to filter out false positives – for instance, legitimate configuration changes – but also to record the impact and the severity of the incident.

You can read more about the survey launch, or you can read about the initial survey results in “Initial Routing Resilience Survey Results Show At Least 10% Of Incidents Are Real Threats.”

Mat will go into more detail about the results so far and how you can still join the effort, and also share the new Internet Society infographic called “Collaboration for a Secure and Resilient Internet” that aims to educate network operators about the issues we’re all facing and how we can act together to make the Internet safer for everyone.

You can view the session live in Spanish, Portuguese, or English at:

We hope you’ll tune in!