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Reminder – Live Call In Two Hours About TLS / SSL And The Need For More Crypto Everywhere

VUC logoReminder – in two hours you can join a live discussion we mentioned earlier this week about the need for more TLS / SSL everywhere and what we can do as a technical community to make that happen.  As I noted earlier the main guests will be Olle Johansson and Kristian Kielhofner with others joining in as well.  Host Randy Resnick usually creates an enjoyable and informative session where much can be learned.

To join the call, you can either connect in to the Google+ Hangout at 12:00 noon US Eastern – or alternatively call in via the SIP, Skype or regular old phone numbers listed on the top of the VUC page for the episode. There is also an IRC backchannel where text chat occurs during the episodes.  The session will be recorded if you cannot attend live.

For us, we’re interested in discussions like this one today because we want to build out our TLS for Applications area to have the best resources possible to help developers add TLS into their applications and in so doing make the Internet stronger and more secure for us all. (And on that note, if you would be interested in helping us create the info on our content roadmap for TLS – or know where we can find existing documents that fulfill those items – please contact us!)