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Routing Resilience at LACNIC21

As we mentioned recently, I had the opportunity to attend the LACNIC 21 meeting in Cancún, Mexico, earlier this month. I’m grateful to the organisers of the LACNOG session for giving me the opportunity to present an update on some Internet Society projects that are underway relating to the resilience and security of the Internet routing system. I was also able to distribute our new infographic on “Collaboration for a secure and resilient Internet” and judging by the speed with which attendees snapped them up from the Internet Society table, I should have brought more!

This was my first time at a LACNIC meeting and it was encouraging to see a lot of representation from the regional networking industry all actively debating the interesting presentations at the mics in the sessions I was able to attend. In my presentation (embedded below) I talked about the Routing Resilience Survey that we launched last November to collect incident data related to routing resilience from an operator’s point of view. This approach allows us not only to filter out false positives – for instance, legitimate configuration changes – but also to record the impact and the severity of the incident.

You can read more about the survey launch, and the initial survey results in “Initial Routing Resilience Survey Results Show At Least 10% Of Incidents Are Real Threats.”

I was also able to briefly introduce the Routing Resilience Manifesto which is a new initiative you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the coming months. So watch this space!

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