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Video: DNSSEC Measurement Using Atlas Probes (RIPE 68)

What percentage of DNS resolvers are capable of DNSSEC?  Using RIPE’s Atlas network can we determine the status of the global DNSSEC deployment?  At the recent RIPE 68 conference in Warsaw, Poland, Nicolas Canceill from the University of Amsterdam spoke about recent research he conducted on measuring the DNSSEC deployment.  His talk, “Measuring the Deployment of DNSSEC over the Internet” is now available for viewing from the RIPE 68 site.  His slides are also available for download.

DNSSEC measurement session at RIPE 68

After watching, check out our page on DNSSEC deployment basics to learn more about deploying DNSSEC.  If you have not yet deployed DNSSEC  in your network, what are you waiting for?