Building Trust Privacy

What's in your privacy tool-bag?

One of the challenges of blogging about online privacy is that it’s a moving target. People who are interested in protecting their privacy want practical advice and guidance, but the tools and techniques for doing so keep changing (and that’s a good thing, by the way… the rapid evolution of new privacy protection tools these days is one of the most exciting aspects of the identity ecosystem). Our approach in the Trust and Identity team has been to do two things:

First, to examine and explain, as best we can, the principles of identity, privacy and trust, in ways that we hope will remain valid and relevant despite the rapid pace of technological change;

Second, to keep an eye out for good new privacy tools, whether they are things we ourselves have developed or whether they come from elsewhere.

With that approach in mind, here are some links to resources we hope you will find relevant and useful in protecting your online privacy.

The Internet Society’s tutorials on identity and privacy, and managing your digital footprint:

And if you want to move from principles to practicalities, here are some interesting resources to investigate:

Of course, if you have a favourite privacy tool or identity management tip of your own, we’d love to hear about it!