IPv6 Technology

Google's IPv6 Traffic Exceeds 4% – Deployment Picking Up Speed

It seems like only yesterday that we were talking about IPv6 passing 3% on Google’s global IPv6 measurements. That was in February, and now, at the end of June, we find that the measurement has passed another round number threshold, hitting 4.07% on 28 June. This is good news and shows a steady and sustained increase in the use of IPv6 on the Internet.

It’s hard to predict how this growth will continue. (I’ll leave curve-fitting exercises to the inner statistician in each of you, but also point you to Eric Vyncke’s prediction tool). The traffic measurement at Google crossed 2% last September, so it took about 9 months to double. We made a prediction earlier that we’d see 10% this year. That looks ambitious now, but it may not be that far off. We keep seeing new networks turn up IPv6, networks enabling more IPv6 to more users, and we hear about other networks who plan to start deployment soon. It is exciting to watch.

We are happy to continue reporting measurements of networks who are deploying IPv6 each month on the World IPv6 Launch measurements page. Each month more networks show up with measurable IPv6 and we encourage you to sign up to be counted if you are turning up IPv6 in your network.

What’s your guess for when Google will get to 5%?