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Unsolicited Email – So what is the problem with Spam?

A trusted Internet and openly connected world can only happen if we work together.

Spam is often the vehicle for malicious code and online fraud; it is a perilous threat that creates a burden for networks, operators, governments and end users.

High volumes of unsolicited email can cause significant impacts to regions with limited Internet access as well as raise concerns everywhere with the increasing malware infections that come from unsolicited email.

There are significant:

  • Economic impacts where there is limited and costly bandwidth
  • Productivity losses when real email can’t be delivered
  • Financial blows to users, businesses and governments who must deal with the harm and drain to their resources

What can you DO to join the fight against Spam?

  • You can talk about the ways and the tools to use stop spam
  • You can join the technical community in discussing best practices and other solutions to better mange networks
  • You can talk to policy makers to get their support for anti-spam initiatives
  • You can share your research with the Internet Society and help us grow the knowledge base on spam.   Spam toolkit is built on information and research from the community, located on the Internet Society web site for the spam project, so submit your paper to the Spam toolkit for consideration and inclusion in this capacity building repository
  • If you have an anti-spam project that could help your community, apply for an Internet Society Community Grant and help make it a reality.