Deploy360 Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) To archive Transport Layer Security (TLS)

A Hosting Provider Marketing “Secure Hosting with SSL, DNSSEC and DANE / TLSA”

I have no idea whether “dotplex” is a good web hosting provider in Germany and I know absolutely nothing about them as a company, but as a DNSSEC advocate I was absolutely thrilled to see dotplex marketing the fact that you could have DNSSEC and DANE if you host with them:

Secure hosting with DNSSEC and DANE

Pure awesomeness!

Of course, they may not be the first to do this but they are the first I personally have seen (and please feel free to leave us comments telling us that your hosting provider has done this for a while).

Now… if we can just get every other web hosting provider to do this then we’d wind up with a much more secure Internet!  (And we could take away the argument by critics that there aren’t a lot of people providing DANE/TLSA records.)

Kudos to dotplex for marketing DNSSEC/DANE and I wish them all the best with their secure hosting offering!

If YOU would like to get started offering DNSSEC and DANE, please see our START HERE page to find resources for your type of organization – and please let us know if you can’t find resources that will help you.