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At IETF 90, Looking to the Future to Build Today's Internet Security and Privacy

From 1145-1300 EDT on Tuesday, 22 July, in the midst of the IETF 90 meeting week, we will hold our traditional Internet Society briefing panel. This time, I’ll moderate as four distinguished experts discuss the nature of Internet security and its evolution in a session titled “Internet Security and Privacy: Ten Years Later“. The speakers are:

  • Lucy Lynch
  • Danny McPherson
  • Dave Oran
  • Wendy Seltzer

The Internet has become a complex ecosystem, bigger than the sum of its elements. We have a good grasp on security and privacy considerations of individual elements, but less on how they contribute to the overall security and privacy of the Internet. What are the critical elements that will shape the state of security and privacy in ten years? What are the biggest threats to security and privacy today, and how will they develop tomorrow?

If you already registered to participate onsite, great! We will see you there at 1145 EDT on Tuesday. If you didn’t register but you’ll be in Toronto, we should be able to accept some walk-ins. (We may run out of lunches, but we might be able to get you a seat at least.) And if you won’t be in Toronto, you can still join remotely to participate in the discussion.

We hope to see you there (in person or online)!