Great news! New IPv6 Web Sites:,,

Very cool news in Comcast’s announcement today that they launched IPv6 support for:

Naturally I had to check… and sure enough, using the IPvFoo plugin for Chrome, there in the upper right of… and IPv6

was the green “6” showing it is connecting over IPv6:

NBC dot com and IPv6

Now, clicking on the green six in my browser bar will show that many of the sites that provide content into that web page are still IPv4-only, but it’s certainly a great start to have the main websites available over IPv6.

Kudos to the teams at Comcast and NBCUniversal for making this happen!

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It appears that the video streaming is still all IPv4-only. It’s a nice start but until they get that part going it’s unlikely to shift traffic statistics the way Youtube and Netflix have.

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