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New World IPv6 Launch Measurements – Comcast over 30%, AT&T over 20%

The World IPv6 Launch measurements for July 2014 are out and among the top 10 networks in terms of volume Comcast has now crossed over the 30% mark for IPv6 deployment:

Comcast IPv6 measurements


Also in North America, AT&T has crossed over the 20% mark and Time Warner Cable has crossed over 10% for the first time.  Verizon Wireless, who we reported last month was the first of the top networks to cross over the 50% mark, has now grown to 53.55% this month!

Beyond those top networks, as our colleague Mat Ford wrote on the World IPv6 Launch blog, the growth in IPv6 is happening globally with networks such as these providing solid growth:

  • Telekom Malaysia, one of Asia’s leading communications companies
  • Get AS, Norway’s second largest cable operator
  • Corporacion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones, the public telecommunications company in Ecuador
  • Sunrise AG, the 2nd largest telecommunications company in Switzerland

Do check out the World IPv6 Launch Measurements page for more information (and see the Notes toward the bottom of the page to understand more about how these measurements are made).

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