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TODAY – ISOC Briefing Panel on Internet Security and Privacy – Webcast and Extra Seats

Today, at 11:45 AM EDT, we’ll hold and livestream the “Internet Security and Privacy: Ten Years Later” ISOC briefing panel during IETF 90 in Toronto. Two bits of good news: (a) we have a bigger room than usual, so we have some extra seats, and (b) the webcast will be available to everyone!

How have Internet security and privacy landscapes changed since the Internet’s inception? What challenges do we still need to address, and will we still be using the same building blocks (TLS, DNSSEC, etc.) ten years from now? If not, what’s next? These are the types of questions we’ll be asking our panelists today.

Andrei Robachevsky will moderate the panel, as four distinguished experts discuss the nature of Internet security and its evolution. The speakers are:

    • Lucy Lynch
    • Danny McPherson
    • Dave Oran
    • Wendy Seltzer


If you pre-registered to participate onsite, great! We will see you in the Ontario Room at the Fairmont Royal York just before 11:45 AM EDT, and you’ll get a boxed lunch as usual. If you didn’t pre-register but you’re here, we will be able to accept some walk-ins. (Unfortunately, you will NOT get lunch, though.) And if you aren’t in Toronto, you can still join remotely to participate in the discussion.

We hope to see you there (in person or online)!