Learn IPv6 Basics in VMware #vBrownBag Webinar On Sept 3

vBrownBag logoInterested in learning more about “IPv6 for IPv4 Brains”? By way of a tweet we learned that Jeff Carrell will be the guest on VMware’s “#vBrownBag” webinar/podcast on this Wednesday, September 3, 2014, at 19:30 US Central Time (which I calculate to be 00:30 UTC on Thursday, Sept 4, if I do the math correctly).

In another tweet Jeff said that he’ll be talking about “IPv6 basics, contrasted to IPv4 (where possible) to assist in the learning curve“.   On VMware’s #vBrownBag page there is a link to register for the event.

I don’t know much about VMware’s webinar series, nor have I personally seen Jeff in action providing training, but he’s one of the most active people I’ve seen on Twitter covering IPv6 issues.  I’m not going to be able to join in to tomorrow night’s session live, but I’m looking forward to listening to the archive once it is available.

And… if you are inspired after listening to the session to do more with IPv6, please do visit our Start Here page to find IPv6-related resources tailored to your type of organization or role.  The time for IPv6 is NOW!

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Thanx Dan! Gonna be a fast-paced session, so much to cover in a short time. Hang on to your Cat5 folks, here comes IPv6!

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