LinkedIn Permanently Enables IPv6 on Its Website

Today, LinkedIn permanently enabled IPv6 on its website, joining Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, and millions of other sites that have enabled IPv6 permanently. This is great news!

You can read the full LinkedIn announcement here. As they say, “The transition to IPv6 is invisible for our members.” So if you’re a member who has looked at your LinkedIn profile today, you did this over IPv6 and probably weren’t aware. I’m also encouraged that in their trial run before the full launch, they saw about 3% of their members using IPv6 to reach them.

IPv6 is the next generation Internet Protocol. Websites and network operators around the globe have been working to enable IPv6 and help to transition the Internet into the future. You can see measurements of network operators who have enabled IPv6 on the World IPv6 Launch measurements website here: You can find resources to help you enable your website or network with IPv6 at our own Deploy360 website here:

Congratulations to the team at LinkedIn who made this happen. Where are you on your path to full IPv6 deployment? We’d love to hear your story!