Building Trust

Online Publishers Push For Trust

As we head towards National Cybersecurity Awareness month, publishers and increasingly businesses are pushing back and blocking data collection by Facebook and others, while others are blocking ads outright. Leading publishers are now calling for the support of “Do Not Track” as they are finding their brands and users are being compromised and marginalized by dominate market players, impacting consumer confidence and trust of online content.

OTA welcomes the view of the Online Publishers Association, (recently re-branded as Digital Content Next), who is arguing Do-Not-Track will benefit the entire industry and digital content can’t thrive without trust. The relationship between publishers, advertisers and consumers like all relationships, is built on trust, yet appears to be heading to a critical juncture, as the number of ways in which these relationships are being strained is accelerating.  Jason Kint, CEO of DCN, recently stated “publishers can no longer stand idle while technologies disrupt and wealth accrues to the companies who benefit from our content while fracturing that trust”  Share you view.