Deploy360 Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

Video: Geoff Huston – what if everyone did DNSSEC? (APNIC 38)

What if everyone enabled DNSSEC?  What would happen to your network? Should you be scared?

The good folks at APNIC are out with a video from Geoff Huston answering these questions:

If you want to get started with DNSSEC so that your domain name can be secure from being impersonated, please visit our Start Here page to find resources targeted for your type of organization.

Help us make the Internet more secure – deploy DNSSEC validation and start signing your domains NOW!

P.S. For a good example of HOW DNSSEC can help protect you, please read our recent article about email hijacking attacks that are going on now – but could be prevented by the use of DNSSEC.