Help ARIN Shape Their New IPv6 Campaign – Today at 4:00pm EST

ARIN Get IPv6 campaignWould you like to help ARIN shape their new “Get IPv6” campaign?  If so, please join the ARIN team on a conference call TODAY (Oct 28, 2014) at 4:00pm US EDT!  They are gearing up to launch a new promotional campaign around IPv6 called “Get6”.  As they say on their page about the campaign:

IPv6-ready mobile platforms and web content presents a new opportunity to convince your CEO, CMO and CCO of the importance of IPv6 adoption.

They are asking:

We want to know the challenges you have faced in communicating the value of IPv6 to non-technical audiences at your company.  Would a focus on web content resonate?

ARIN would like your feedback (more info in their blog post)… to join in the call simply send them a message to to get the call-in information.  I’m hoping to join in for a bit myself (I’ll also be listening to ION Santiago) and will be very interested to hear the feedback they get and what they do with the campaign!

One reply on “Help ARIN Shape Their New IPv6 Campaign – Today at 4:00pm EST”

The best way for ARIN to promote IPv6 would be to change their ludicrously stingy allocation blocks. It makes no sense for X-Small and X-Large block sizes to span 6 full orders of magnitude. Under the current fee schedule populating the IPv6 unicast space with X-Smalls would haul in total licensing fees in excess of the US GDP!

The IPv6 block sizes should just be the IPv4 block sizes + 8 bits. Anything smaller is going to end up putting the squeeze on end-user allocations, making a mess of ISPs internal aggregation, or both.

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