Deploy360 Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

Simple DNSSEC Fact Sheet Now Available In English, French and Spanish

DNSSEC Fact SheetHave you ever wished that there was a simple “2-page” document that you could give people explaining DNSSEC and what it is all about?  Would you like a DNSSEC “handout” that you can distribute at events or send to colleagues or vendors?

If so, we’ve now added a “DNSSEC Fact Sheet” to our site in the following languages:

We’ll be adding versions in Arabic,  Chinese and Russian soon.

Please feel free to download these and use them in whatever way you wish.  Email them to people.  Print them out and pass them out at a meeting.  Distribute them on a conference USB drive… do whatever you want with them!

Because we may update the fact sheets from time to time, we would encourage you to direct people to this simple URL to find the fact sheets:

And please let us know any feedback you have on these documents.  We’re here to help you get DNSSEC more widely deployed and want to be as helpful as possible.  How can we help you get the information you need?

Finally, please do direct people to our Start Here page at so that they can find DNSSEC resources targeted at their role or type of organization.

P.S. A fact sheet for IPv6 is also available