Akamai Adds IPv6 Trend Visualizations to State of the Internet Reporting

We are very pleased to see that today Akamai has started publishing a very detailed view of what they see for IPv6 usage on the Internet. Akamai has been contributing IPv6 measurements to our World IPv6 Launch monthly measurements and we’re pleased to see these more detailed visualizations become available.

This is a really nice tool that allows you to see what they see in terms of a view of IPv6 deployment by country and by network. Whereas the World IPv6 Launch measurements are an opt-in measurement for networks, Akamai publishes data from every network where they see IPv6 traffic, so they report some large deployments that we don’t have in our data. Kabel Deutschland is an example of a network with a large IPv6 deployment (35% of the traffic coming from their network to Akamai’s servers uses IPv6) that isn’t in our database.

It is nice to see half a dozen countries where more than 10% of the traffic from networks in those countries use IPv6.

These new IPv6 visualizations from Akamai join with other similar trend metrics from Google, APNIC, Cisco and others to show that IPv6 deployment is making major steps forward all around the world. Many thanks to the Akamai team for making these visualizations publicly available.

P.S. If you have not started moving to IPv6, why not get started today?