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LinkedIn Joins The World IPv6 Launch Measurements Project

LinkedIn logoWe were very pleased to read that LinkedIn is joining the WorldIPv6 Launch measurements effort and providing data about what it is seeing in the way of IPv6 deployment among the many visitors coming to LinkedIn’s sites.  In that post to the World IPv6 Launch blog, our colleague Mat Ford also pointed that the November 2014 IPv6 measurements are now out and show the continued growth of IPv6.

LinkedIn is no stranger to IPv6. You may recall the LinkedIn IPv6 case study we published earlier this year where they outlined their work on using IPv6 for SMTP.  I can also personally attest to the fact that when I connect to LinkedIn’s web site I can see via the IPvFoo plugin for Chrome that I’m connecting over IPv6.

Kudos to LinkedIn for stepping forward to help out with IPv6 measurements!  We look forward to seeing the continued growth of IPv6 as we have for the past months.