Deploy360 IETF

Meet The Deploy360 Team at IETF 91

If you will be at IETF 91 next week in Honolulu, please do say hello to members of the Deployment & Operationalization (DO) team within the Internet Society.  We are the team behind this Deploy360 website and three of us will be there at IETF 91:

You can expect to find us in the sessions related to IPv6, DNSSEC, routing security and network operations, as well as others related to the topics we cover here on Deploy360.  If you’d like to meet with us, please send an email to and if you don’t know what we look like, this photo may help:

DO Team 2013
DO Team – left-to-right: Chris Grundemann, Dan York, Megan Kruse, Jan Žorž

See you in Hawaii!