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Two More Rough Guides To IETF 91 On IPv6 And Security / TLS

IETF LogoTwo more “Rough Guide to IETF 91” posts have been published that may be of interest to Deploy360 readers:


Phil’s post naturally talks about all the great work related to IPv6 happening within the various working groups at IETF 91 next week.  The reality is that IPv6 is now the main IP protocol discussed in so many different working groups – and all new work is assumed that it will (or must) work on IPv6 … and so IPv6 discussions are taking place in many different places.   You can expect that you’ll find members of the Deploy360 team in the dedicated IPv6 sessions Phil mentions!

Karen’s post highlights a number of the security and privacy efforts under way within the IETF and IAB.  She also mentions the TLS working group and the Using TLA in Applications (UTA) working groups, both of which are important to the TLS in Applications topic area we have here on Deploy360.

Combined with all the activities related to DNSSEC / DANE and all the activities related to routing security/resiliency … it’s going to be a very busy week next week!  We’re looking forward to it and to meeting up with many of you.

In the meantime, if you’d like to get started with IPv6 or TLS, please visit our Start Here page to begin!