Finland Planning "National IPv6 Launch Day" On 9 June 2015

Finland National IPv6 Launch Day

The folks in Finland are planning a “National IPv6 Launch Day” for 9 June 2015. Patterned after 2012’s World IPv6 Launch but targeted at service providers and content providers in Finland, they are seeking participants (and already have a number of both broadband service providers and content companies) at their site:

Given that Google’s IPv6 statistics by country show Finland as currently only 0.48% this effort should help greatly!  (And APNIC’s stats for Finland show a similar value.)

Finland IPv6 statistics

We wish the folks in Finland all the best with this effort and we look forward to seeing these IPv6 statistics change as that date gets closer!

If you are a broadband service provider or a content provider in Finland, we would definitely encourage you to sign up.

And… if you need help getting started with IPv6, whether you are in Finland or not, please do visit our Start Here page to begin!

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