Deploy360 Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Olle Johansson’s #MoreCrypto V2.0 Slide Deck – With TLS

Olle Johansson is a tireless crusader for bringing about a more secure Internet… and just recently published a new version 2.0 of his “#MoreCrypto” slide presentation that this time incorporates a good bit more information about TLS. He includes some tutorial information about TLS and gives multiple examples of using certificates, including with the DANE protocol.

If you are looking to come up to speed on how we make the Internet more secure as well as why it is important, the deck is very useful.  We do encourage you to check it out!

And when you’re done, why not head over to our “TLS for Applications” area to learn more about adding TLS to your applications?  Or visit our Start Here page to get started with IPv6, DNSSEC, TLS and more?

P.S. Olle is always open to feedback about his slides, too… you can reach him at