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Thank you to our North American Chapters!

This year has been incredibly eventful for Internet governance. Key issues such as privacy, surveillance, net neutrality, and security took centre stage, and Internet Society members have been working hard to find a path forward that stays true to our mission of an open Internet.

Our North American Chapters played a critical role in shaping both the regional and global dialogue around Internet governance, by attending and participating in:

Here’s more of what happened this year in a short video:

While this year has ended on a positive note, it’s already clear that 2015 will present even greater challenges and opportunities to shape the future of the Internet.

To continue to make an impact during this critical time, the ISOC community needs to work together to carry out our mission of ensuring the Internet is open to everyone.

If you’re passionate about all the benefits the Internet can bring I’d encourage you – no matter where you live – to become a member and join your local Internet Society Chapter

Chapter’s bring together people who believe Internet Society’s principles and mission and want to work – on all levels – to bring the benefits of the open Internet to the cities, towns, or communities.

Get involved and join your local Internet Society Chapter today.

Let’s make 2015 a fantastic year!