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CloudFlare Seeks Help Testing Their DNSSEC Implementation

CloudFlare logoThis morning the team over at CloudFlare announced they have begun their DNSSEC implementation and asked for help in testing what they have done so far.

They also include a note at the bottom indicating that people interested in participating in their public beta program should contact them.

As we’ve written about several times in the past, CloudFlare continues to move ahead towards their goal of making DNSSEC available throughout their content distribution network (CDN) / DNS hosting service.  They’d originally had a goal of rolling it out by the end of 2014 but ran into some challenges that they are still working through.  As they note, they are getting closer.

This is great news to see – and we look forward to seeing their public beta program move ahead!  If you use CloudFlare, or just want to help them out, please do check out their blog post.

And if you want to get started with DNSSEC or DANE yourself, please visit our Start Here page to find resources to help you begin.