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Main IETF Website Returns To Being DNSSEC Signed Via CloudFlare

Good news this week for DNSSEC and content-distribution-networks (CDNs)! Last year the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) decided to move the main IETF web site over to a CDN to speed up access to IETF web pages for people trying to reach them all over the world.   While this sped up access to the IETF’s content, it unfortunately meant that the main IETF website had to lose its DNSSEC signature because the CDN vendor, CloudFlare, did not yet support DNSSEC.  (I’d note that this was only the main IETF web site – other IETF web sites such as the datatracker and tools sites continued to be DNSSEC-signed.)

Those of us advocating for DNSSEC were naturally disappointed by this move last year, but we understood the need and also understood that CloudFlare was committed to bringing DNSSEC to their customers – and indeed we’ve been writing about CloudFlare’s journey towards DNSSEC.

So this week we were very pleased to see this announcement by IETF Chair Jari Arkko:

Some time ago we moved the static parts of the IETF web page to a CDN service. While this provided a significant improvements for page load times and retained our ability to serve the pages over IPv6, we were unable to provide DNSSEC for the web pages that were being served by the CDN.

Our CDN vendor, Cloudfare, however, has worked in the background to enable DNSSEC for their customers. They have now come back with a system that we have enabled for the IETF web pages. (Thank you Cloudfare, this was important!)

We plan to keep the new arrangement on at for a while before finally moving to this arrangement on Testing the new arrangement on would be appreciated!

Jari Arkko, IETF Chair

As noted, the main IETF website is NOT yet DNSSEC-signed at the regular “” but is instead available with a DNSSEC signature at while everything is tested out.

Regardless, this is great news for DNSSEC, for the IETF … and also as a demonstration that CloudFlare’s implementation is obviously getting that much closer to being available!

Please do check out and give it any kind of DNSSEC-related tests that you can!

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And if you haven’t gotten started with DNSSEC yet, please visit our Start Here page to find out how you can begin!