T-Mobile USA Crosses 50% IPv6 Deployment, Verizon Wireless 65%, AT&T 38%

Great news for IPv6 deployment! Our colleague Mat Ford just wrote about the February 2015 World IPv6 Launch measurements and noted that T-Mobile USA crossed over the 50% IPv6 deployment mark!

T-Mobile USA IPv6 deployment

They join fellow North American wireless carrier Verizon Wireless who has been in the “over 50% IPv6” club for a while now and this month is right at the 65% mark (64.57% if you want to be precise):

Verizon Wireless IPv6 deployment

Looking at the measurements for February 2015, you can see other great numbers:  XS4ALL in the Netherlands is now at almost 60%, Telenet grew to 56%, Comcast is nearing 36%, AT&T has jumped to 38%, and Time Warner Cable continues on a nice trend line at 14%.

World IPv6 Launch measurementsTo better understand these measurements, you can scroll to the bottom of the measurements page and see more about how the partners contribute their data to the measurements project.  Current partners include: Akamai, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Yahoo!

What these measurements show very clearly is that IPv6 deployment is happening right now – and if you haven’t been paying attention, you really need to be looking at what you can do to ensure your networks and content will work with the IPv6-enabled Internet.  Please visit our Start Here page to find resources that will help you begin!


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