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Ziff Davis Webinar Today: DNSSEC – Do You Need DNS Security Now?

Webinar about DNSSECVia Twitter today, I learned that technology journalist Sean Kerner will be speaking in a webinar about DNSSEC at 1:00pm US Eastern today (in about 65 minutes).  If you are interested, more information can be found at:

I’ll be honest and say I don’t know what precisely will be covered in this session but back in the earlier days of DNSSEC deployment (~2010) Sean wrote a number of pieces on the topic and I’ve generally appreciated the coverage he gives to security topics. The abstract sounds useful:

Ever since the Kaminksy DNS security disclosure back in 2008 DNSsec (DNS Security extensions) have been hailed as the key tool in the fight to secure domains. Despite this recognition, few have actually implemented it. What should you do? How does SSL complement or compete with DNSsec to provide security for your domain?

We’ll have to see what he says.

If you are interested in deploying DNSSEC – or simply learning more about it – I would encourage you to visit our Start Here page where you can find DNSSEC resources tailored to your role or type of organization.

If you want to understand the current state of DNSSEC deployment, you may want to view our DNSSEC Deployment Maps or check out some of the different DNSSEC statistics sites that are out there.

And if you want to learn more about how DNSSEC can work with SSL/TLS, please do visit our information about the DANE protocol.

Let’s get the word out there and get more DNSSEC and DANE deployed!