Community Projects Development Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)

Building Relationships To Build Access

Bratislava!  It’s CEE Peering Day! Welcome to the heart of Central Europe and the cross-roads for people, Internet networks, and partners! 

What Are We Doing Here?

Our team is committed to providing opportunities for people who are building Internet exchange points (IXPs), connecting networks, and making connectivity happen anywhere and everywhere. We support local and regional peering and interconnection events as we know that this is a place where people access each other, human and technical connections are made, and capacity development takes place.

Two IXPs in the region – the Vienna Internet exchange – VIX and the Czech Internet exchange – NIX.CZ — coordinate this annual peering forum. Strong support and training is provided by RIPE-NCC (the regions’ Internet address registry).  ISOC is a sponsor and speaker of this event along with Euro-IX, many regional IXPs, Internet networking businesses and other networks.

We spoke yesterday about some of our IXP work around the world and we thanked many of our partners in the room for the great collaboration in increasing local technical expertise, connecting people to each other, and providing opportunities to take the Internet new places.

Today, we are hearing about critical issues like DDOS mitigation from CloudFlare and security projects that regional IXPs are participating in due to increasing cyber attacks. RIPE-NCC also will be briefing on IANA stewardship and Internet governance, providing greater context about global Internet activities to participants.

Check out the CEE Peering Day.