Internet of Things (IoT)

Certification Model for IoT

Following the exponential growth of the internet, mobile devices and applications, consumers worldwide are being presented with 1000’s of options and solutions purporting to support the promise of the connected home and wearable technologies.  Unfortunately with this rapid race to market, all too many of these products and services lack basic security and privacy considerations.  The implications range from identity theft and personal security compromises to consumer distrust with products being difficult to use and set up.  Regulators including the FTC and State Attorney Generals are paying attention, seeking fines and settlements.  At the same time device manufactures and application developers are looking for leadership and an outline of best practices to adopt.

OTA is now seeking comments from stakeholders. How can we make IoT devices more trustworthy?  OTA is working in partnership with a broad group of stakeholders and is in the midst of developing a framework for a trustworthy certification program for IoT devices.  The initial focus is on the connected home and wearable technologies, (health and fitness).  Stakeholders being invited include major retailer, (online and offline), OTA members, device vendors and members of the privacy and security communities. 

It is envisioned it would be a voluntary certification model, driving vendors to adopt user centric privacy and security enhancing best practices, competing on usability, privacy, security and sustainability. If you would like to get involved contact me directly. craigs @ otalliance.

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