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Congrats to PowerDNS Team On Their Merger With Open-Xchange

powerdnsCongratulations to Bert Hubert and the rest of the PowerDNS team on their merger with Open-Xchange that was announced yesterday.  We’ve written about PowerDNS a number of times, include it on the list of DNS servers supporting DNSSEC and also include a pointer to the “unofficial” DNSSEC statistics Bert has been maintaining for a number of ccTLDs.

They’ve been doing great work to make DNSSEC easier to deploy and it’s great to see them now have better financial stability.

The Register had a good piece by David Meyer that put this merger into a larger context of Open-Xchange’s plans and included the mention that the team behind the Dovecot open source mail server has also been brought into Open-Xchange.

Congrats to Bert and the team and we hope this new arrangement works well for them and enables to continue their work helping make the Internet more secure!