Deploy360 Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

New DNSSEC Deployment Map Available In Global Internet Maps

Our DNSSEC Deployment Maps are now also available as part of a larger set of Global Internet Maps produced as part of our annual Global Internet Report.  My colleague Michael Kende wrote about these new maps earlier this month and explained a bit about them. This new DNSSEC deployment map is rather fun in that it is interactive and you can zoom around and hover over any country to see what stage the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is at.  This map is based off of the 5 stages of DNSSEC deployment that we track as part of the weekly DNSSEC deployment maps we generate. (Click/tap the image to go to the site.)

DNSSEC maps in Global Internet Report

One note of caution – these Global Internet Maps are only updated periodically and so that DNSSEC deployment map will not necessarily be as up-to-date with ccTLDs as the weekly DNSSEC Deployment Maps.  The best place to get the most current maps is the archive of the dnssec-maps mailing list.  New maps get generated every Monday morning.

However, the Global Internet Map is current now (March 2015) with regard to ccTLDs – and it’s a very nice view of where we need to have more ccTLDs signed with DNSSEC.  Please do enjoy using it – while you are there, please do explore all the other maps that are made available.  These kind of visualizations are great to see!