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On “Broccoli Technologies” and IPv6 in The New IP Blog

thenewipChris Grundemann recently had the chance to write a guest blog post over on The New IP, which bills itself as “The community for next generation network strategists.

He discusses topics ranging from IPv6 and the Internet of Things to DNSSEC, TLS, securing BGP, and anti-spoofing – naturally, all the things we love here at Deploy360.

I encourage you to read his whole eloquently stated post, but here’s a snippet:

This is why my friend, mentor and former boss Leslie Daigle called these protocols “broccoli technologies.” They’re good for you, but not everyone likes eating them.

For example: Deploying IPv6 today requires resources but there is no short-term ROI. You can’t charge current customers more for it. You’re still offering the same services, just over a newer version of IP. However, if you don’t implement IPv6, you’ll lose connectivity to a growing portion of the Internet — your future customers.

If we don’t all eat our broccoli today, we may soon see this magnificent Internet start to distort, fragment or even crumble.

What do you think? There are already several comments over on The New IP site, including recommendations for a ‘comfort food’ analogy to counteract the ‘broccoli technologies’ angle. Any ideas? I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

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